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Monday, November 27, 2006


for the sake of argument

-1. do art whenever you damn well please.

-2. institutionalized learning is for chumps.

-3. art is whatever you want it to be and it doesn't have to be anything.

-4. no one wants to hear criticism unless they specifically ask.

-5. nature is okay, I guess... but so is architecture.

-6. love at your own discretion.

-7. create, collaborate, connect, and communicate when you feel like it.

I just feel like negativity is as much a part of art as anything else in the whole wide world, and it's not some idealistic bubble that the art party may describe it as. of course, it's all inclusive at the same time. quick, someone take a picture of dirty panties and sell it for a million dollars. art.


first off, beautiful work as always, non-cadet. i especially like the skeletons.
secondly, thank god someone is sharing their thoughts! i want to make a forum section soon soon soon. as for your points, i'd pretty much say the art party agrees with a lot of that... i'd say our collective agrees that lots of institutions stink, that art is undefinable, and that negativity certainly is a part of life as well as art. i am a little ball of hate most of the time, but i "love all [i] can," as our tenet states.
we really want the party and its concepts to be fluid and fit for everyone, but it looks as if we're shutting people out... this may be because so few of our members have actually offered input for our ideals, concepts, and platform. any suggestions?
maybe we need more anti-cadets. haha.

like a little disclaimer. if you don't agree with all of the above... etc.
Whoa. Great images.

Why work as an anti-cadet? The world is already against us.

All of the Party's positivity is centered on our ability to create, which is pretty wonderful. I can't think of anything more worthwhile of idealism.
but I am neither positive nor idealistic.

I am fun and silly though.
beautiful beautiful. i'm glad you're sharing; it's nice to see your work again, as i said before.

and talk is awesome! please lambaste the art party. we're so lonely that even insulting diatribes make us feel cozy and loved. the art party is clay! mold it, anti-cadet steffi!
i don't think most of us would label ourselves positive or idealistic though.
although i definitely don't agree that NO ONE wants criticism before they ask. there are always exceptions.
you're right, alanna, those are all just contradictions to what was up.
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