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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It was drizzling rain on a cold winters night.
All the houses were frosted with colorful lights.
Everybody was toasty and cuddled up close.
All around them were people that mattered the most.

But one little boy who had never been sadder,
Went to the shed and got out his ladder.
He climbed up on the roof and waited in the cold,
for a man dressed in red, who was jolly and old.

He waited up on the roof for most of the night,
When out of his doze he awoke to a great sight.
There were eight glistening reindeer, an old wooden sleigh,
and a chubby old man whose hair was far past grey.

The boy jumped up and ran, over to the old man.
He stumbled and mumbled and grasped the man’s hand.
and said, "Sir, I know you give presents all over the land,
But I just have one request and I think you’ll understand."

"What is it you wish for?" the old man replied.
"Love" the boy said, with a tear in his eye.
The man was so startled; he didn't know what to say.
So picked up the boy and sat him in his sleigh.

"You have all the love you need, but its wrapped up inside,
You have all the love you need just by being alive,
You have all the love you need and you can never run out,
You just have to learn how to give your love out."

Then the cold little boy, who had never been sadder
bid the old man goodbye and climbed down his ladder.
The next day he went out with a smile that could shatter.
He gave out his love, and he couldn't be gladder.


very dear, very touching. i love the imagery in the first stanza. frosted with colorful lights.

welcome, monsieur!
oh mr. giarardot! i almost did not realize! i'm so glad you've finally come. we'd be so happy if you submitted more of anything you do, because we're a bunch of happy fools who become happy like that.
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