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Monday, January 15, 2007


South Pittsburg

This is a song I wrote and audacity-ed not 3 hours ago. It's about a boy who visits the town where his dad is buried, while with his dad when he's alive.

Near Jasper

I still remember the South Pittsburg store
On a street with no cars and a horse before the door
My mother would get a moonpie with a dime
Lookin at old uniforms from a time before my time

There was a downstairs where children could not go
Whiskey flasks, guns and things that could explode
My father would walk up with a new face on his head
I'd always think he'd rather be there instead.

And when he did die we put him near that ground
Some mountain near Jasper where the trees only grew around
There was a blue jay starin up in the sky
I knew what he was lookin for and then i started to cry

We went to gertrude's, to figure out the plan
I saw Aunt Hattie's dolls, and all the books she had
There was a church nearby that no one still went to

A watermelon patch in the front yard overgrew

10 years past and i looked for it all again
A few had closed but the one with horse was in
I stepped inside and saw the same thing as then
Told the lady my name and she told me she knew my kin

wow, i'm really surprised that no one has commented on this yet... i really like the melody. you have an interesting voice, but i can't figure out who it reminds me of. someone help!
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