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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My Zombie Valentine

The mold on the peach resembled a smiley face as his face often seemed to smile though really it was decaying. He shoved it between his open lips, which flipped and flopped, spilling flesh onto the carpet, while he awaited his lover, who he understood was bringing him a present on this very special day.
Dusk consumed the sky, and he wondered when the night would finally overtake the earth for good, since the world was surely ending, being pulled deep into a black hole from the beginning of their occupation of the lands. Sometimes he still thought dark human thoughts like this, silly thoughts that only the living could invent. He felt less and less like a human though, having walked a thousand times to the restroom just to realize all the liquid he had put in had poured out of his open abdomen. Enough realizations like this reminded him until he sat quietly on the couch watching TV all day, occasionally going out to find a human whose brains he could munch on fruitlessly.
The sound of the door opening lifted him from his deteriorating mind. A beautiful, naked woman struggled in the hands of his lover. What a present! But his thoughts at first were carnal and living. He got down on his knees and took her nervous vagina into his gaping mouth, licking the taste right out of her. His lover grunted disapproval and split the woman’s skull in half, handing him a chunk of brain. I almost forgot, he thought. This is what I want, brains. It was no coincidence that he had been a professor when she met him, she already turned, he despondent with the fate of the world’s progress; she was just giving him what he claimed he always wanted.

this is creepy and unsettling. all sex, no substance.

what happened to the zombie valentine story?
okay, a lot less creepy. a lot more substance . . . a very strange, unsettling substance.
unsettling, indeed. a little nauseating. this piece definitely evokes emotion, as uncomfortable as that emotion may be.

you know your art is effective when you can make people feel something they don't want to.
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