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Friday, February 09, 2007


There is No Modern Romance

There were two people. Young and in love, and doing what young people in love do. There was also a camera, which is how we know that they existed. The camera was not on, but it's lens saw everything. His mother walked in and cursed. The curse is unimportant, since they are all misconstrued abbreviations of the truth. He did not stop, for he knew something about the world now, and he was young and carefree and most importantly brave.
The light of the sun came in through the window, which was open, and widened and shrunk in harmony with their movements. He was not on drugs, he was a young man in love. Slowly they became natural, without hesitation on either part, for they knew something about the world. His father entered and offered him a cigar, which he turned down. His father then offered him whisky, and as a final desperate move money, but he did not want anything from his father, who turned and left, defeated.
God came on the radio: You know you're right. But he did not need the reassurance, and so turned off the music. All he needed was her, and the light, which began to fill the room so that there was nothing but the two of them, the camera and the light. He raised the camera and photographed her in that empty space. The flash radiated, adding to the purest light and then there was nothing but his soul, filled with that light and that feeling of purity. He coasted out, out into eternity.


Here's a new piece which is up on the wall in Eishenhower hall at KSTATE and has yet to be taken down. Score one for the first amendment!
wow, this is really intense. the title makes you think twice after you read it... interesting work.
love is drugs.

this reminds me of neutral milk hotel.

its creepy how accurately you described a photographer's affair with cameras. strange.
It's so intense... I love the way you describe their reactions to the situations.
i keep reading this over again...
i know this, but could never really capture it.
you did a wonderful job. it is warm and thrilling and so many good things.
Seriously it;s up on the wall in Eisenhower hall? No way! That makes it all the more beautiful. It is very beautiful. In its simplicity and message etc.
I've been working on a novel, so I feel the compulsion to write these pieces short and sweet like dark chocolate.
this is pretty great in pace and concept (God on the radio is really weird) but i wish there was more imagery . . .

i'm excited about the novel (the same one? something new? i didn't get to read the old draft).
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