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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


banana royale (mp3)

here is a short ditty that i wrote whilst at home in new york during the irrelevant autumn (katrina) semester last year. it's called "banana royale," as it has a sort of regal tone. yet it has the word banana in it because i'm just ridiculous.

Ba Na Na Royale 1:07 (download)


dude blogger is hard to figure out. i think i accidently deleted my post? did i? um, it originally said:

"very regal! did you use all electronic instruments?"

or something to that extent.
unfortunately yes. i'd love to have an orchestra of my own. i used a program that i write standard musical notation in, like making an orchestral transcription. and then it plays through a set of soundfonts that don't really sound like the instruments they're supposed to sound like. :C

but it gets the point across.

i'll get an orchestra one day.
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