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Sunday, October 29, 2006



After scouting it out on the evening of Friday, September 29th, Art Party Members Brandon, Alanna, Warren, and Tom visit the Valley of Trash during the daytime for a thorough investigation. Photos do follow!

Mayoral Candidate Cadet Brandon Ledet and Art Party Pioneer Warren Pope walk the path to the Valley of Trash. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren mounts the first rig quickly. It was easily conquered the night before, and is already familiar territory. (Photo Tom Macom)

The Valley of Trash is likely home to many hobos, tramps, and "lost men," some of which enjoy sitting in chairs. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren is lithe and agile on the rigs. (Photo Tom Macom)

Mayoral Candidate Brandon (AP-LA) films trash, trash, trash. This includes both actual refuse strewn on the ground, and human members of the popular New Orleans band. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren continues to pioneer. (Not shown: his covered wagon; bonnet.)
(Photo Tom Macom)

Rigs lie scattered everywhere, their inverted and horizontal ladders and staircases completely irrelevant. (Photo Tom Macom)

The Emergency Shut-In apparatus on one of the rigs stands useless. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren climbs a rig deeper into the Valley. (Photo Tom Macom)

Ferries and barges pass on the Mississippi river all day long, completely missing out on all of the fun. (Photo Tom Macom)

Trash trash trash? Only a fraction of the trashscape. (Photo Tom Macom)

Mysterious oxygen canisters stand in the Valley, occasionally letting off pressure in a frightening and loud manner. This is rather scary at night when you're not expecting it. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren walks all over the 53 ton rig. Many of the pieces were labeled according to weight, including a 75 ton tube. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren takes another approach to the 53 ton. (Photo Tom Macom)

Brandon films trash by the oxygen tanks in the Valley, as viewed through rig grating. (Photo Tom Macom)

Barnacles cover the lower portion of some of the rigs. They crackle and pop as you walk on them, as a scent reminiscent of a sea food restaurant wafts up at you. (Photo Tom Macom)

Alanna, xylophonist-extraordniaire and Art Party founder, documents the scene at the bottom of a tube. (Photo Tom Macom)

Pioneer Warren looks on as Alanna films baby crabs. Later, they dance on one of said baby crabs. (Photo Tom Macom)

Brandon grins at something that's probably completely insane. His hair looks good. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren eyes Alanna quizzically. (Photo Tom Macom)

Alanna ponders whether Cadet Aldo (not shown) will survive the imminent deadly tornado attack. (Photo Tom Macom)

Alanna converses with Cadet Ledet from inside the 75-ton tube. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren swings from a rope hanging from a still-erected rig on the shore. (Photo Tom Macom)

Comrade Tom and Pioneer Warren swing from the beautiful rig of love. (Photo Alanna Stewart)

Tom takes a close swing. He is utterly out of control. (Photo Alanna Stewart)

Swinging from giant rigs is good for many muscle groups, including the happy muscle, and the giant clam. (Photo Alanna Stewart)

The trashscape as seen from a still-standing rig. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren captures both ropes. (Photo Tom Macom)

And poses. (Photo Tom Macom)

Warren ascends stairs to the second platform of the right whilst Brandon and Alanna converse. (Photo Tom Macom)

Brandon and Alanna hang around the first landing, their highest point of ascent. (Photo Tom Macom)

Brandon and Alanna as seen from the roof grate. (Photo Tom Macom)

A defunct ITT Barton pressure gauge is one of many instruments found on the roof of the rig. (Photo Tom Macom)

A ska valve, a little known but very important component to petroleum rigs, is quickly attended to by Warren. (Photo Tom Macom)

Gauges and measuring contraptions are dispersed throughout the rig. (Photo Tom Macom)

Cadet Tom grasps a rope before taking off into outerspace. (Photo Alanna Stewart)

Cadet Tom and Warren pose for the camera. Sort of. (Photo Alanna Stewart)

Later at the fly, Cadet Warren rewards himself with a cold beverage which wears a shirt. (Photo Tom Macom)

Cadet Warren contentedly twists the cap off of his well-dressed drink. (Photo Tom Macom)


saturday, september 30, 2006

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