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Monday, October 30, 2006


some art

hey kiddos. just wanted to post some artwork. i'm not too sure where i plan to go with my art just yet. i think it's because i really don't know all of who i am. only some of my work has a theme. where there's an explanation i'll give one. i hope you all like my stuff. and uh sorry for the watermarks in advance.

click to see a bigger version. acrylic, journal entries, and gel medium on drawing paper.

love double exposures. medium format holga.

35mm ilford hp5 400iso sprint developer.

i've been documenting my friend nathan/hanna for a while now. he's mtf transgendered and has not started hrt as of yet, but plans to. he's one of my favorite people to photograph. 35mm ilford hp5 400iso pyro developer.

highest point in nashville. love circle. 35mm kodak 400NC.

more of nathan. genderqueer project. 35mm kodak 400NC.

dye transfer

pinhole shot

super deadly dance party. ilford hp5 400iso.

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some of them aren't showing up for me. :O

but i lovelovelove the broken unicorn, and your portraits.

moremore! thank you for contributing!
the broken images should be fixed now... great stuff!
good god those photos are breathtaking!
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