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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


don't ever leaf me, tattoo

After a moderate amount of consideration, I got another tattoo at Trilogy (along with Brandon and Leroy) in Memphis while home for Thanksgiving break. It is an oak leaf. There is no deep meaning-- I just like the way they look, sound, fall, crumble, etc. Also, they are the best to draw on. So, I figured it was time to have it drawn on me. The first picture was taken by Joe for the sole purpose of sending to my sister who lives in China and Katherine who has not seen it. The second is a polaroid that Brandon took of ours together. His is saturn on the ankle.

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Hello, cadet. Sorry the polaroid is so blurry. Drunk.
the tat is so beautiful. my favorite part is that they xeroxed the actual leaf to get an idea of the sketch. yes.
yes, that is a rather lovely leaf that's about to fall right into the palm of your hand.

i've never drawn on a leaf before. i must try it.
yes tom, drawing on leaves is really fun! every leaf reacts differently so its always an adventure.
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