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Monday, November 27, 2006


Eastern Landscapes

Eastern Landscapes.mp3

I recorded this acoustic guitar rhythm in New Standard Tuning while messing around with it one day. For anyone unfamiliar with NST, it was devised by Robert Fripp (probably best known for being the creative impetus behind King Krimson) to balance the advantages of students enlisted at his "League of Crafty Guitarists". The tuning is in 5ths like a cello or mandolin, CGDAE, with the bottom string being tuned up to a G, which is a minor 3rd (which actually requires a higher gage string as I found after breaking about 4). Pretty much every chord you play is an inversion, and scale patterns make a little more sense. This song is very simple and in C I believe with the exclusion of one little repeated bridge where it gets dark. After recording the acoustic rhythm, I sent the file to a bunch of musician and/or creative friends of mine and asked that they add something to it to see how each would approach the song. The version I ended up using (and adding all the wierd kitchen percussion and toneless slide gutiar to) has lyrics by Trey Kirk, who also did all that vocal distortion himself which I haipply left in unaltered.

This was a departure for me, mainly because most of my songs are vaguely structureless and, for lack of a better term, exist as nothing more than crude "sound collages" I create by sloppily layering transitions and harmonies together. I wanted to make an actual "song" with a little more continuity and tradition (although there are some wierd parts too I'm sure you'll like).


i'm really in love with the entire percussive thing you've built in your songs. i'm going to have to try that once i get home and set up my studio again in december. it seems fun, and it sounds great.
i like this one a lot. the tone and overall sound quality is nice, strange but with something upbeat about it, perhaps? and trey is ridiculous.
fucking mouth harp. its so hard to play! that's what that sound is, right? i like the song. new standard tuning is interesting
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