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Thursday, November 02, 2006


joy in simple things (mp3)

this is a song that cadet kat and i wrote together in spring 2005. it can be found on our band Scandaliz Vandalistz's album, I Forgot Where I Was Going So I Came Back, which we released indepedently in august. violin by cadet alice, guitar by katherine, vocals by me and katherine.
joy in simple things 2:15 (download)


Middle of July, the fireworks are over
Running around in circles
Simply waiting for Godot
And I was feeling kind of numb
Taking an icy shower
Then I heard a knocking on the door
Whoever is it?
It was you

Hey look, I've got a shovel and a pail
Why don't we sail,
And look for whales?
No use waiting for something that never comes
At the beach, we'll have some fun
Don't be blue
The sky is blue
So don't be blue

The sun is shining down
So lovely to be with you
Before you came I was a mess
Worrying over nothing
But to hear the tap of your feet along the boardwalk shows me joy in simple things
I found Godot a while ago with you

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I love love love this song.
I also love it a lot.
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