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Friday, November 17, 2006


trust us, we're communists: an poem

you may have heard on the news
that north korea's crazy
cuba is questionable
and sovjet reform was lazy

you've seen devilish dictators
rattle their sabres
and terrible tyrants
executing their traitors

there are revolutions and
topplings and killings of kings
but my dear friend
communism is none of these things

communism is right for the common man
topple these imperial castles of sand
communism breaks your capitalist prison
if you want peacefulness
trust us, we're communists

marx had the spark that started it all
if you want it to work you must heed his call
no poverty, no exploitation
we're the proletariat's emancipation

if we all work together
we'll not bemoan taxation
if we all love the land
there's no need for nations

we know we've gotten some bad press
we're not much associated with tenderness,
but we help our comrades, we're not so bad
we're the best social system you'll ever have

if you want peacefulness
trust us, we're communists

~art party anonyme

since when does one person speak for the whole party?
don't mean to be an ass, but that's not very communist.
it is possible that one my post under the "art party" account if they wish for their art to remain anonymous. it's not the entire party speaking, it's just an option for people who might be uncomfortable with publishing work under their own name.
i quite enjoy this.
But where have the username and password been made public?
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