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Thursday, December 14, 2006


The Art and Zen of Life Maintence

Or something like that:

Memphis Roller Derby photo I took while in the suicide seats. No flash was used other than from someone elses.

- Tommy "PrissKilla Presley's vs. Legion of Zoom"


I really like this shot. The detail in the center is so crisp. Is this a digital photo? Did you balance for tungsten?
I take photos (like these) on accident. My dumb luck.
I got a 18% gray card and that was it.
a happy accident! I like that.
this is really fun~looking. you really capture the motion of the sport, while the girls themselves are more or less sharp.

did you pan the camera? i just wonder how all of the lights got all swooshy.
I panned. I got three styles I'm going for:
Panning, unfocus and zoom. A lot of photographers are known for some kind of technique so those are mine.
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