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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



Inspired by a nytimes article about a violin maker and a violin etude I have been working on. It was hard to record with everyone practicing for juries in the practice rooms, so you might hear some jazz trumpet in the background if you listen hard enough. There is: guitar, violin (pizz and bowed), voice, and some percussion (which is really just me lightly banging on the f-holes of my violin).



fantastic. the tapping of the f holes compliments the string plucking i think, kind of accentuates the staccato (do i know what im talking about?)
this sounds superfun and cute. i love the pizzicato and "percussion." wonnarful.

and the title is great.

i give it a double plus good.
i wanted to hop around listening to this. way too much fun. i couldn't hear all of the lyrics, but that is my only complaint. hooray!
i recorded the guitar and vocals together, so turning up the vocals means LOUD guitar. i want to redo all that shit, because i hate hate it when you can't hear the lyrics.
i found myself singing this as i walked down a snowy ohio street the other day. kept me warm.
i like its whimsy.
ba ba ba ba ba,
me encanta
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