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Sunday, December 24, 2006



I only contributed a tiny part to this, I thought some people might enjoy it.


Hunter Daniel - Drums
Me - Em
Katherine - Bass
Alice - Guitar and vocals
Kevin - background vocals
Brock - the noticably good vocals
Bozeman - funk organ


singing brock's song was way too much fun. thanks for posting this for everyone.
this sounds absolutely ridiculous in the most loving way i could possibly say. i LOVE it.

i would have loved to have seen it performed live!!
absurdly delicious.
when brock hits that high note...wow
Thank you so much for posting this. i cannot believe it happened. Espania has ben immortalized. thank you for everyone who journeyed to the wind-swept plains of Spain with me.
espania is life. brocks vocals shatter hearts across the world.
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