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Monday, December 04, 2006


happy clam

phased guitar and lip whistle.




Its beautiful

Are lyrics on their way?
sounds just like a happy clam. i like it.
If I were a cowboy, this would be my sunset exit song.
i, of course, really like this. we talked about phase again today in music history. the effects on your whistle are really nice. it sounds all dreamy and far away. listening to your songs just makes me want to write a million more with you.
thats cool. im wondering if it was hard to sync up those guitar parts, which is usually my biggest problem.
i used protools to phase the guitar. it didn't take that long to make an interesting phase. it kind of happened by chance. (it is one sample doubled on top of itself.)

for better or for worse, i don't think there will be any words to this one.
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