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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

hi friends. i've been working away on my photography, lugging around a freakishly heavy camera case containing a large format camera. i'm almost done with this class! and here are a few of my favorite shots from this semester. i hope you all like them as much as i do.

the stoop

remnants at dawn (1/3)

remants at dawn (2/3)

remants at dawn (3/3)



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large format! nutty. what size film are you using? 4*7s or 4*5s?

i really like the first, with the big dark shadows and the scribbles on the mail box (is it a mailbox).

i LOVE the last one, though i'd like to see the contrast cranked up some.

how large are your prints?
These are really beautiful! I really like how the black seems so dominant in these photographs. nicely done:)
creepy saddle shoes.
Wow! I really like these. I've always wanted to try large- or medium-format photography, but the equipment and film is so expensive.
Contrast could be heightened some, like Tom said, but all in all, good work!
i am liking those shoes. like a catholic school girl got lost, put up her shoes so she could run around, and then forgot about them when her mom called her to come home for dinner.
cadet tom: my prints are 11x14. these don't really do them justice. they're actually printed on warmtone paper but they were looking kind of greenish on the computer so i just made them black and white. and the negatives are 4x5.
lovely. i particularly like the first untitled one and the second remnants one.
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