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Saturday, December 16, 2006


Singing Telegram

Katherine and I decided to be entrepreneurs this summer and offer singing telegrams to raise money for the SV funds. Chuck Vicious was the only taker. So Alanna, Katherine and I wrote this for his friend Sam that works at the Quik Mart on Madison. We recorded the telegram for fun (and posterity) with Producer Joe when Katherine came to visit me in Murfreesboro. Katherine plays bass, I play guitar, Charlie drums. Katherine and I both sing. Duh.



I like it. It's funny.
I'd like to be a bad person and say "the second scandaliz vandalistz album." Mmm, such a guilty pleasure.

Hearing the "it's a success" part acapella on tour every ten seconds has warped my brain. I definitely stop what I'm doing randomly and have the moment. Alone. Which is not as fun.
your voices sound SOOO good together<3
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