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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


A Song

Chords written by my friends Duncan and Tim, who play acordian and guitar respectivly on this track. I can be found playing the mandolin. I also added those wierd organ hums throughout the song afterwards. I had alot of trouble trying to add drums to this song, so I decided to leave it as it is. The "wind noise" is sort of annoying, as is the 17 seconds of silence intro. Also, the ending is slop.

Running Along


I like it. Suitable for a movie montage featuring characters downing shots in dingy French dive bars. Or maybe an early morning chase scene . . .
brandon, i read your comment as "early morning cheese scene" and thought "YES! CHEESE I WOULD SO EAT CHEESE TO THIS!"

i like the end-- i don't think its slop. i always like to hear people talking or saying things or something other than the end of a song. the chord organ thing is pretty cool and sure adds alot.
i like the chord at the end as well. its a nice combination of instruments.
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