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Saturday, December 16, 2006


A Song

I made up this little ditty this a long time ago on the finger piano, which is a little african, hollow, body apparatus with an opening directly under some little metallic prongs you pluck with your thumbs. I added a little mini piano which was just a C scale I think, a harmonica, and wind chimes. It's kind of quiet and off rhythm.



the african thumb piano is called an "mbira," i believe. this sounds like something we would listen to in music history, then spend a half hour discussing all the cultural implications we can learn from the rhythm, dynamics, social structure, texture, etc. music history is my favorite class. needless to say, i like this.
sweet. i think there is a lot of opportunitity to expand within what you already have here. i think that a simple drum part would add a lot. aux percussion, etc.
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