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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Walking in Memphis book project

For two months (excluding a year's worth of photographing musicians), I've been working on a photography book for myself among other things. Anyway, I thought that I might treat you guys to an excerpt.

I'm Cadet Tommy by the way! I'm a digital photographer and I'm glad to be here. I hope that this post is appropriate.

Tommy "How happy are we Boheme's Jen Whys"

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Hello, cadet. All posts are appropriate.

I particularly like the picture to the right on the middle row. Looks like Devo shades or something equally strange.
it's more than appropriate! i hope you return frequently to share more and more.

musicians are such wonderful subjects. what kind of equipment do you use? a book is quite a project! i wish you all the best for it.
I use only my camera (Fujifilm Finepix S9000) and natural lighting where I go. I never used a flash (I did one time and I cried a little bit).
I'll share more when I figure out where to put all these photographs at, wait, nevermind.
I'm glad to be here! Hopefully, I can get a grant or comissioned to print copies and sell these.
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