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Friday, December 08, 2006


we do it too (mp3)

here's a ditty i wrote about a year ago. it's got a jazzy sound, sort of, what with the walking bassline and vibraphone. it's something that i think sounds pretty cute.

again, it's all synth, which makes me sad, but you get the idea certainly.

the song is called "we do it too." when i wrote it, i knew what we did too. but i forgot what it is we do... i think it's something hypocritical.

what do you think we do too?

we do it too 2:36 (download)


This is elegantly maniacal. As usual. I like it.
this is cool. really well thought out.
i really like how you compose. the transitions are fluent and impressive.
sounds like we run around in the grass and roll down the river. and then become the sun. and grow wings and fly around in sky and space. and come back to earth slowly. and maybe some other things.
which is something that sounds nice.
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