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Saturday, January 27, 2007



They cut me into pieces like birthday cake
I raise my hand in protest and say it's a mistake
"I'm a girl! I'm a girl! I'm a girl!" I scream,
"So take me off your dinner plate!"
(This is my story, and it is true
I swear I do not fabricate)
Once I was married to golden dreams.
I am wizened widow,
I am baby minow
In the rapids of a stream.

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i am still totally in love with this, and certainly think it should be put to music... the last line is different than the first one i read, i can't tell which one i like better.
this is beautiful.
i especially love the last four lines. (i especially love the whole thing.)
i second alanna's petition for music.
i don't know why i feel as if the words you write always seem to be so naturally amazing. but... it is sure wonderful, and i would love to read more of your work.

i'm supposed to solicit your opinion on something (as tonight i think i said, "well if morgan says it is so, i will give it a shot"), but i forgot what.
i'm the third to say: music!
I'm glad this showed up here. Of your recent work (this past year), this is definitely among the cream of the crop.
you have very unique imagery, very effective and floaty
morgan, this is jennifer lenow. your sister left the link to the art party page on a group entitled love on facebook. so apparently facebook can do some good in the world.

anyways, i read your poem and with my mouth slightly open in awe i saw "morgiepoo" i thought it might be you, and it is! ever since 9th grade when i first heard you, i have been in love with your words.
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