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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


By and By

Scholastic week. Ensuing screams are heard.

I printed half my book so far today! I will be able to make three copies!

I have new photography so check these photos out:

Go to www.amokmyth.buzznet.com to check out my trip to Little Rock (I'm still uploading the tons of photos on there right now but they should be up) and my new material is coming up and yes, I talked to Ben.
He said he'll post something.

Tommy "Fuck the world and everybody wins."

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The one of the birds explodes my brains.
yes the birds is the best. do you have to limit the number of things you enter? we do this year. scholastic is hell. registering on line is hell.
Yeah, we're the same as you are, I'm assuming you're Morgan S.
We have 60 like you guys do. It's hell and I don't show up for class because four people, me and three art teachers, have to handle it.
Two of us know how to use the internet.
The other is anal.
The other is adjusting.

The birds I took two years ago. I found its purpose.
i think we actually have more than 60... i can't remember the exact number. but for some reason 60 does not sound right.
and yes. scholastic week is hell.
The first one makes me feel like I'm about to be taken out by mafia ghosts.
That's odd. All schools over like 1500 have 60 as part of the new crap reasons.
Next year they are charging. Apparently, Brook's is paying for our entries.
is brooks not going to pay for it anymore? so happy i wont have to deal with that next year.
Yeah, my teacher told me that Brook's is paying for our entries this year. Then, it's something like $20 for a portfolio entry.
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