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Friday, January 26, 2007


concerned citizens.

here is my brief follow-up to the photograph i posted on tuesday evening. this all went down at the Iron Rail/Plan-B warehouse on Decatur and Marigny in the Marigny district of New Orleans. The advertisement for the event, the "State of the Union Party," touted "Fireworks! Burning effigies!" and "Fire-breathing anarchists!" And, well, I think you'll see that these claims were not unfounded...

the night started out with giant 8-foot in diameter hula hoops! this gentleman hulahooped with the best of them.

he was an expert, and also assisted with the filmings inside of the art space. on this night, he played mentor to the young girl on the right, who was soon hula hooping with great finesse.

inside the art space, kids from all over crowded in for food, drink, and a showing of the state of the union address and film "death of a president." during the first half of the presentation, the audience was encouraged to throw rotten vegetable matter at the screen.

then they brought the bush effigy out, which was once seated right of the viewing screen.

amidst some varied calls of, "no, you're not going to burn it, are you?" came answers...

of, "oh, yes we are!" the effigy was soaked with alcohol first.

and then after some trial and tribulation with lighters, surfaces to light, and other concerns...

it caught fire. in the background are two undercover detectives that came to the gathering in case if things got out of hand. they called for two squadron cars when things got louder, and their true identites were revealed.

chaos ensued once george REALLY got burning.

people interacted with their flaming president in many ways. here a young gentleman sees that the effigy's head is not adequately on fire!

george soon falls to pieces, much to the crowd's delight!

some begin to toast marshmallows on the open fire.

others simply come to warm themselves on the comforting glow.

fireworks also make an appearance, bursting into the sky, skipping gleefully along the streets, and making a genuine ruckus!


basking in the glow.

the collective stamps out their fires after the cops arrive. two police cruisers pull up after the fireworks get particularly intense. they were stationed about two blocks away towards the river since the beginning of the night. they demand that the collective cease all loud activity.

our hula-hooping friend from earlier talks to police, assuring them that everything is all right, and that the collective is just going to go back inside and watch another film. everyone wishes the police a good night.


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a great night and a great series of photos. i do miss the color... but you know me.
i think black and white is wildly appropriate... but i haven't seen them in color, either.

these pictures are fierce. everything is so beautifully framed but so naturally so. me gusta.
this was really intense. i mean this in a good way.
I keep falling in love with the hula hoop cop.

It's impossible to believe no one made a "burning bush" reference.
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