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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Conspiracy Theory

Global warming: the powers that be are melting
the world’s ice to create more land space
for the development of their supercreatures:

three trunked elephants, beige tree frogs,
time traveling turtles, inside-out fish,
flute beaked pelicans with perfect pitch.


what happened to the rest of the poem?
Sir, if there's anything I hate more than the haves shitting all over the have-nots is the haves shitting all over our blue-green sphere. I'm profusely in the process of finding a job that will alow me to counter the assassination of the globe.

My compliments on the poem.

Art as a threat, comrade.
the rest of the poem is in revision. this seems separate.
the first part is a little ironic...melting to make more land? i'm not sure i get it...
i would love to see a three-trunked elephants.
by the way, have you heard about the addition of polar bears to the endangered species list due to global warming?
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