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Wednesday, January 31, 2007



The nebula of our life
is what gives us the energy
the power
to go on
in this widely infinite universe of stars

And such composed galaxies
are all so big ompared to our nebula
no matter what
we will always seem so small

A spit in the concrete,
prontly evaporated
compared to the giants
around us
cosmic force infinitely greater than ours;
so immense

We must notice it
and make it as an example
to educate our brains
seeming like trains.

Evebn though I don't understand why,
this is the mortal's life,
so small
and yet
so big to our fellow nebulas.

We're all made of stars,
despite our perceptions,
we are the truth,
the shiniest of all galaxies,
the youth,
and we will always
be giants
to another galaxy.

I like this arrangement of words... starts off intimidating and ends with hope.
yes, the end is quite wonderful.
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