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Sunday, January 21, 2007


I Did It Alanna

I will be doing some singing with this band, Warble. My camera will be my instrument on stage, so photo taking while singing will ensue:

Click for more photos of the Warble playing at P&H.

And if anyone is in town (Memphis), we should get together and I can show you the book I've got done.

Tommy "Coffee table book?"

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these are absolutely wonderful. much love always for available light photography.

i really, really like your work, tommy.
I like the Polaroids you've taken. I try to comment on others and post as much on here as possible.
Art Party convention possibly?
a party convention would probably blow a hole in the side of the earth, so i'm all for it. maybe memphis summer '07.
cadet tom and cadet tommy love each other hahahahaha. COol photoes.
hooray! these are beautiful pictures, it looks like an interesting band. perhaps you can post some music or performance videos in the future...?
Hmm, maybe if I cut down on my thankfulness, it wouldn't be so flirty? Haha. I think I do it passively to anybody but with many added words.

But yes, the band is Warble. I'm just going to do backing vocals or at least take photos while on stage.
They are really great live.
these pictures are sort of haunting. Just thought I'd add that to the list.
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