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Friday, January 19, 2007


I've Never Seen a Bird From a Plane


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last night i watched this and i thought the list of memories went on for too long... but i watched it again just now and i liked it a lot more. beautifully shot and executed. who wrote the words and made the music?
Im stoked to see someone else is posting video! The narration is very convincing and the visuals are beautiful! I think the tight shots of the man work better than the wider ones...and the shot of the man smoking w/soft focus is right on! Please post more.
i wrote the monologue or whatever and the music is Amina, who tours with Sigur Rós.
The project was for my Latin American Fiction class and the idea was to take something from the books we read and apply it to your own work and make a project. I used the idea from 100 Years of Solitude where there is a plague of insomnia which causes the entire population of a village to forget most of their lives. so the short film is mostly inspired by that.
That's a great book. I like this a lot. It's especially well written.

Filming birds is so fucking hard.
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