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Friday, January 26, 2007


just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed

I have not collaged in a very long time. This is a segment of the media room wall collage. Feels good to be at it again.

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this is completely beautiful. i DO love your collages.
i really like this. the cloudy sky in cloud-shape is wonderful. i'm not sure if i've ever made a collage... they're really awesome artforms.

i love your monstershirt, by the way. haha.
yeah i was thinking about that too... you should post pictures of your sewing some time.
nicce stuff. collage pretty much is the perfect artform. aren't you gonna be in chicago sometime soon?
these colors are delicious... black and white and rainbows... like candy in a silent film.
this summer I think I might take the train from nyc to memphis. I will, of course, desire companionship during the 10 hour layover in chicago. alanna, I really need to send ya yer hoodie (ghewjhgjk!!!)
beautiful. i love the rain and umbrella. and the colors.
p.s. i wear my tshirt often. people ask if my name is tootsie.
amazing and insane. I especially like the strong lines in the right corner and the giraff. I love me some giraffs.
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