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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Near Jasper

This is a song that trey wrote and then sent to me to embellish with other instruments. in addition to trey and his guitar, i can be found playing the following:

electric guitar

Near Jasper


i really like this song! why has no one else said anything. well, harmonica's are my favorite. anyway, keep in touch. xo
this song is great! it has a wonderful lo-fi sittin on the bench seat of a horse and buggy sound.
the quality is very interesting. the electric guitar adds a lot... your additions are pretty good at not detracting from the feeling of the original song, even though at some moments the vocals get drowned out a little. i think it works well. and trey's voice reminds me of neil young, i think.
i changed some shit and tried to clean it up a little. the new version should be uploaded now
the new mix sounds great.
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