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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Polaroids taken while working on a 35mm B&W series involving silverware and humans.

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These are perfect. Interesting compositions, great color, weird man vs. metal thing, and, as usual, they're Polaroids. There is no sexier art form than Polaroids. They just can't be topped.
Oh yeah, and that poor kid's booboo . . . weird.
Do you know if the FLASH is part of the polaroid process or is it optional with some cameras?
Im pretty sure the booboo is a birth mark that's supposed to go away as she gets older...she has had it since I have known her. Thanks for your kind comments.
the silverware looks crazy. my photography teacher said, "there's just nothing more beautiful than light shining off of stainless steel... well, maybe not NOTHING better. some things are better, like, ahdunno, love for example."

flash isn't a necessary component, and in fact i really hate the polaroid flash. there are models where you can deactivate it. i much prefer daylight polaroids over flashed out ones. the colors are a lot more vivid and things are sharper, and exposure is better.
thanks tom. i have a crappy polaroid from Target and turning the flash off is not an option. I guess i just need to get a good polaroid camera.
At night, flash is a necessary evil. The world would miss out on a lot of great pornography without it.
this is true!
beautiful and creepy. i particularly like the last two. seriously, i thought that birthmark/booboo was a tumor. glad to know that it's benign.
Yassir, I like a lot. I like, indeed.
yes! i love these too! especially the third. it really brings out athena's personality! oh and you do photograph people well! you should do it more often.
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