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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A song, I tell ye.

An unfortunately incomplete song. It's incomplete because I have no means of recording songs on my computer except with the default windows thing (Sound recorder I think it's called) and it only let's you record 60 seconds. So if the other fellow cadets know of a better and easier (and free) way to record for more than 60 seconds I'd appreciate the information.

This is a song written when my morale was down, we shall say. If I would have had the appropriate progam i would recorded it all with more lyrics and stuff. Hope you enjoy. I'll post another one another day when i find it. All the songs I write I write them under the pseudonym "The THX-1138's" after the George Lucas film starring Robert Duvall.

A Kiss on the Cheek


"Audacity". It's free.
First of all, it's great that you're posting, MC.
It sounds good, but as you said, there's more and I want to hear it. And you should post the lyrics.
I'm trying to find a good program to record my own songs right now and as soon as I get one I'll certainly pass you a copy.
The THX-1138's is a far superior name than The Assclowns. But, The Assclowns will never die. If, in fact, they were ever born . . .
Oh yeah, and great pun. Puntastic.
i'm so happy you've posted, cadet scrotum.

i really like your song so far. what kind of instrument are you playing? it sounds like a muted jazz banjo guitar.

i like music. it does sound distant and sad.
it was just the usual aqua-colored guitar except it wasnt plugged in.
haha. that's funny. it sounds really cool.
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