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Monday, January 29, 2007


to begin

a few snapshots of figure studies from my sketch book:

tarah, these are fascinating. i love the third and fifth ones, although they are all uniquely interesting. so glad that you're here with us, and i can't wait to see more from you. yay!
neat. i like the third and fourth and the knees on the first and it's interesting the way you colour things in.
It looks like images lifted from some insane sexual nightmare. I particularly like the one with the figure holding the (pillow?) in front of her crotch. Very strange. I might go cry now . . .
ggez, i wish my gestural figures were that good, but you know, i feel no bitterness my sweet just to see that yours are beautiful. how's that for praise?
These are flawless, I've only seen things like this while on mushrooms. Seriously.
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