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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Urban Exploration

So, that's Kelso, a fellow photographer. Note to self: get Ben Siler to post on here.
Um, ok, focusing; Kelso and I stumbled upon this giant milk jug. We found it somewhere on Bellevue (Memphis).
So we go in and explore and found a plastic brown Owl, this weird box and a "Smoking" Sign.
We went up to the top and found the Milk Jug. And a Triumph car on the roof!

If you guys want to see more, you gonna have to go here:

So yeah.
Tommy "Song y'all."

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haha. that's absolutely awesome. i wish i could spend more time photographing memphis, but i'm only there about a few weeks out of the year. i want to see all of the post-industrial and nitty gritty areas. i live for that.
yeah, where's ben siler?
Oh, damn, I jsut saw him. Ok, I'm gonna see him again tonight so I'm gonna stalk until he posts something on here.
i want the plastic owl.
i didn't see a plastic owl, but this series is amazing. what a great building! i'd love to go there, urban exploring is the greatest. this photo is beautiful.
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