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Saturday, February 03, 2007


revolution or evolution--I follow that piece entirely. I only wish more people were in the movement than myself and this website. It seems like no one at Kstate is trying to buck the status quo in the ways I've been, or at least I haven't seen them. There needs to be a change, some dynamic person needs to step up to it, and do a better job than I've been doing. Maybe it will be you.
Everything is a movement, Steve! ANd Kristy, my favorite is the middle one, despite your wisdom on the first one.
outer space! in a book! brilliant!
i like that moon
ditto for the moon.
what a great quote on the first one! i googled it and i found it in a couple places but no one seems to know who it's from. strange....
yes, steve, i know the feeling. how are we going to get the ball rolling on this movement already?! i also feel that what we really need is a leader. i even wrote some lines saying just that recently. i don't know, maybe we'll find some volunteers if we keep asking around.
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