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Sunday, February 25, 2007



this graffiti has always been the most wonderful part of the walk down freret street. the burned down building was loyola's only frat house and still sits among all of tulane's, right next to both the schools.

today, when my mom and i walked past the house, the slab of wood had been partially painted grey, forever erasing the suicidal king of cards. i miss him already. i would really like to somehow find the artist, who was awesome enough to sneak over the fence and paint such a wonderful image for the pedestrians of freret. if you are s/he, please make contact.

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we must find the artist!~

time to make flyers in the library.
killer graff!
i'm glad you posted this!

i never got more than a passing glance.
apparently, there is someone by the name of the Gray Ghost who runs around town covering up graffiti with gray paint. i think this terrible scourge must come to an end! we need to find him/her and sabotage. what a terrible discouragement against public art and freedom of expression! grrrrr it really riles me up.
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