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Monday, February 26, 2007


february portraits.

i like these people a lot. and because they say i never share.

awe-struck brandon

jovial and mystical aldo

rachel with sketchbook

leroy (also) for mayor

warren and campo: two normal american boys

a boy i met at a swanky suds social via cadet warsley (right)

admiral alanna and jenny at the campfire

bonus photo! of cadet tom in a tree, taken by admiral alanna on Tornado Tuesday

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i love our weirdo friends. these are all so lovely. hooray!
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I actually applied to schools round there. This is lovely :) I will have to post pictures in the park from my neck of the woods.
I like the way you use colour - so warm!
these are great. the two from morning call are particularly . . . strange.

this serves as a reminder that we are doomed in the oustide world.
jeeeesus tom. . . these are AMAZING! the descriptions are delightful, too.
wow. i'm humbled.
I too love the warm colors. these are super fantastic!
i love the one of brandon. the colors are beautiful
i look at these alot.

the one of warren and campo takes the cake. they're both insane.
♥ I love you weirdos. So much.
I'm especially fond of the pic of Brandon and the one of zombie!Warren trying to eat Campo.
Tom, you get the most gorgeous warm colors in your photos. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and happy.
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