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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


first zombie puppet

say hello to Myoho.

made from aluminum wire, epoxy putty, foam,hot glue,clay,paint,and liquid plastic. this was more of a learning experiment so i didnt expect much. he still needs some feet , hair, and maybe some clothes.

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oh man, well done on those. check this out for some equally visceral clay-based stop motion animation. its a film by frank zappa and is predictably fucking ridiculous

fucking rediculous,indeed. damn.
wow, he looks amazing. i'm terrified already.
Hello Myoho!
i am wondering if it is possible to make such figures without them looking like zombies because i am working on a similar project and have not been able to make workable, movable figures.
im using liquid plastic instead of liquid latex, which gives it a more decrepid,dead look. i think the liquid latex would give it a more smooth skin like feel, but i have not tried it myself. im going to run into this problem when i make my non zombie figures, so ill let you know how it comes out.

try looking here animateclay.com
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