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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Homage to Nature

I think very few things in the world are more

beautiful than nature taking back what belongs

to her - yes, nature is a lady, the most beautiful

woman you will ever know.

Defying the most resistant and durable of all

humanly known inventions, she had been able

to win, breaking and molding the brute

concrete into rocks.

Even an artificial fence could not stand the
surprising force of the beautiful lady that, in such
a silent and yet pugnacious way.
We might feel big, strong, impossible to defeat.
But, in the end, she will triumph over our silly


these kinds of juxtaposing images haunt me every day.... your points are too true.
very eloquent!

i too enjoy this theme. a single blade of grass poking out of a crack in the asphalt is a powerful message.
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