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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I Played Nice

Will I let this sickness eat me alive? Everyone fucking like Sodom and Gomorrah on couches, on the floor, and me wondering where the fuck to go or who to fuck, since many orifices remained unfilled. Spinning on gyroscope, I settled my gaze finally on some tight little Asian girl and approached to enter. But she shoved me back, an Indian man occupying her rectum.
How did it all begin? I thought crimson and pink flesh thoughts and everything turned to sin quick as lightning brightening the room with sexual enticements. They didn't even wait for me this time and everyone turned on each other like starving wolves on sheep, but all were predator and prey simultaneously, instantaneously, eyes wide, mouths gaping for the heavenly connections of that aroused state. It seemed like a free-for-all.
Then why did everyone stop and light up cigarettes when I tried to join in? One second breast and tongues and the rapid exchange of all bodily fluids and then, as I tried to kiss her, simply kiss her, a great inhalation of smoke from all sides. I was far too tired for this bullshit and so lied down.
Why did everyone leave the room when it looked like I had passed out? All I could hear was the insidious repetition of techno beats, spanking and the flicker of lighters burning so-and-so's nipples I assumed.
Why did I lie there praying for sleep while fantastic unknown things happened just feet away?

Cadet Steve, February 13


I love this.
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