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Monday, February 26, 2007


A song

Theres alot going on here. Im trying to add a trombone but my lips and lungs arent quite up to it yet.

Space Shanty

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i love the many different layers...trombone would be fantastic. stellar song title!
I like this alot!
There are points in it where it sounds like someone is stirring tea in a very large glass jar, and that my friend is cosmic :)
let me play some trombone! i did in middle school and took brass methods last semester. i totally rocked the 4 weeks of trombone. also, my daddy is a trombone player (he even has a bumper sticker that says: "caution: trombone player on board") and we have a couple at home.
ps: i really like this song. i like all the songs you post.
i used to play it in concert band in middle school but its not exactly like riding a bike (not that concert band in middle school indicates any real skill anyway) i gotta add something before that last guitar solo too, its sort of bare, but i got sidetracked on another song im making.
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