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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Songs that arent mine

Two covers. Props to whoever guesses the originators. Both involve vocal harmonies, one is pre-cigarettes one is post-cigarettes, so see if you can figure that out too.


Smothered in Hugs

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i LOVE that beach boys song. or is it just brian wilson? hmmm
it was written by brian wilson and van dyke parks during the original smile sessions. probably one of the songs that lead the other beach boys to start suing and medicating him.
did you know that on the original version, paul and linda mccartney are among the people crunching carrots and stuff?
i actually read briano wilson's biography. apparently they had vegetables littering the studio to help inspire the song or some kooky shit. also when they were recording mrs o leary's cow everyone had to wear fire hats and brian lit a fire in a garbage can. he was literally batshit insane but its not too far from mike love forcing them all to chant and meditate before shows.
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