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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


wheel of friction

this was a project i just recently finished. i was playing with the idea of fucking, the in and out motion. all day, everywhere. the wheel allows you to pick your own combo. how do you like to get fucked?

i am workin on another interpretation of this same idea (but more developed) and have become obsessed with orafices.

what a great concept. i can't stop laughing at the hot dog! what's that in between the cock and the hand?
i like that you share your notes too.
you would make a pretty deranged pop-up book. give it a thought.
"cunt odyssey"

i embrace the word cunt and am happy to see it here. it's an especially great word when used for art.

is that a blender i see on the wheel of oppurtunities??
oh no! it's a hotdog, not a blender. you'd be surprised how many times i make that mistake in a day.
after much internal debate, i'll take the finger . . . and then the wine bottle.
i think that's a toothbrush, alanna. and a tampon!!! that makes me think of the little pamphlet you get in tampon boxes, where it has the FAQ section, and there's always the question about if you'll lose your virginity if you use tampons.... yeah.
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