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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hands so Little, Depression so Great

Rosasharn and Dewey Dell skippin’ down the lane
O’ those two’d skip to Timbuktu to undo all the pain
Of a blooming, pink baby’s veins in her veins
Of a cold, blue baby washed away by the rain.

Take me in the secret shade, take me in the truck
He took me for a pretty whore ripe to be plucked
And that was swell, but truth to tell-- I was fucked
Left me inside out, and -- out of luck, O’

You put your arms around me, but it wasn’t any good
Now, I’m naked in the wilderness beneath a red hood,
And I don’t need a man; I can chop my own wood,
But you could do so much for me if you just would

The buzzards are cawing, the men are squatin’
On their hams watchin’ hundreds of peaches go rotten
If it kills me, I’ll pick til the sack froths with cotton
Til it’s full like I was of one to be begotten.

One beautiful mornin’ the road unfurled,
Sticky, we were kissing in the heat like syrup.
One mornin’ he went missin’, my hair uncurled,
Wide-mouth frog, hair of the dog, I am a stupid girl

So unlike my tight-lipped mother,
Body thrown down now in the swollen river
This is hell, my belly swell, pop and burst all over
Hold my hand, momma, cause it hurts all over

Sweat glued my matronly thighs to the seat
Sweat stained my dress; too tight, it bound me
And God wouldn’t tell me what your name should be
Or why he gave us fruit if we’re not suppose to eat

Still, I’m clinging tightly to the ballad’s last lilt
Hold tight, hold tight, to the basket hilt,
Though I have been spat, sucked, and split.
I am full of guts. I am full of milk.

I tried to slam the door, but you stopped it with your foot,
And ran your dusty fingers down my cheek caked in soot,
And put your arms around me. But it wasn’t any good.
And you could do so much for me if you just would.

writ by Cadet Morgan Rose

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morgan rose morgan rose. i cant even say.
i really love it. the rhythm is great.
i am full of guts, i am full of milk is a wonderful image.
the whole thing is a great image.
you should print out many tiny copies and sneak it into copies of grapes of wrath at the bookstore.
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