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Monday, March 05, 2007


Hell Hath No Fury

It Led to an Argument

But this happened before.

The pain.

The weapon.

The Bewitching Hour

The Revenge

She's done this before.

Always in the end

It's the same.

Are you next?

For some reason, my last image didn't turn up so I had to link it. I hope I didn't break the upload link....

Tommy "Candles"


these are really cool. They have a really intresting avant-garde film feel to them...reminds me of Chris McLean' films.
Once again I LOVE the idea. I like that you portrayed her as sneaky instead of instantly attacking back. He may think he got away with it. . .

I especially enjoy the flamed finger superimposition. Good work, cadet!

Oh. . is the last picture her setting the dinner table? Or did the link not work? Or maybe I'm just not seeing it?
The intent of the story was basic: revenge!
I like how different people get the main idea or what seems like it. As for your response, it may or may not be correct.
But all the photos are there. The last one sets the background of her strangeness.
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