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Friday, March 16, 2007


It won't die, it'll just live differently

Hello art party kiddies. So I started mass emailing some press releases for my wiki-theatre project, www.livingscript.com. If all goes well I'll get some major traffic, with lots of creative types writing some fine play meat. But the downside is that any people who do come will probably be dopes of the internet instead of certified art party cadets. So please, if you've ever though about makin' a difference with some online theatre, act now before they get there.

Ok, I promise I'll post art next time, and not just PR.

well, brett, it looks like your site is still alive but you've killed this one. way to go.
I thought maybe people were taking midterms or maybe on spring break? I had no idea the art party had been murdered by brett. Bummer.
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