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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Warble Information and Brockhamptons, the Warble and Guests Photos

The Warble will be releasing their album on March 31st at the De Cleyre Co-op. They will be playing March 24 at De Cleyre also.

Friday night was a bad ass show with the Brockhamptons, A. Gerst and the Warble playing together along with guests, such as Chris Owen (back up), Ally (screams), Andy (interpreted dance), Tori (back up) and myself (back up, ha!).

Ashley Gerst with the Brockhamptons.

Ashley and Bill.

Billiam Bevan.


Chris Owen.

A stand still with Steve.

A group photo of some.

Tommy "Shit faced"


great colors, once again. the standstill is amazing. ashley is beautiful.
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