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Thursday, April 26, 2007


i wanna freely love you

there's been so much happening in my life these days. it's been a long while i think since i've posted some artwork. i don't have much to post. i've been working on an odd short story to help me cope with some things. i realize it's most likely grammatically incorrect, but i could care less. the link to that is at the bottom of this post. i also finally have my artist website up. i'd be honored if anyone took the time to look at it. i worked really hard on it.

here's some visual art:

in the cards 7x7 c-print

untitled 8x10 digital print

father - photomontage representation of my father

mother - photomontage representation of my mother

distance - 5x5 c-print (parallels my short story)

the little piece of driftwood

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the photos are hot. the collages are eerie.
nice use of the color green.
i love the father montage. it's so sad and beautiful.
where did the kid drawings come from? those photomontages are really amazing.
your site looks great! i know how hard it is to build and maintain a website... bravo!
the kid drawings are my own. they're photomontages i made in photoshop. i scanned entries from my first grade journal as well as old photos that belonged to a friend of mine and just used tons of brushes and stuff.
that's awesome, they're great pieces.
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