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Saturday, April 07, 2007


History Class

This is a desk in my history class. On the first day of school, it was just a regular desk except without that top layer of fake wood. The thing that started it all was the person in the orange egg on the right side. People in every class draw on it and it changes every day. This picture isn't even that old and already the desk looks dramatically different, i'll post more pictures of it as it evolves. A lot of the things written on it are song lyrics. i think my favorite part of it is the greenish starburst thing with shine on and life is beautiful around it. i just really like that section for some reason. anyways i just wanted to show this to everyone.

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this is so great! several of us at wshs would write notes to eachother on the desk in chemistry. one boy would draw civil war battle scene diagrams. our notes would usually diappear. i am so glad to see that this desk has been able to evolve into such a beautiful piece!
i think its important to note that eileen has maybe been the largest single contributor and give her some kudos.
i was just about to leave a comment identical to katherine's. those civil war battles scenes usually stayed because he drew them in pen and the rest of us used pencil. this desk is so good. so many colors and people and yes!
this is so beautiful and amazing and i am so happy that it exists.

an exhibition of similarly designed schooldesks might be pretty wonderful. i know there must be some very interesting ones out there.
i wouldn't say she's been the biggest contributer, several people in my class have done a lot of stuff on there. she did do several of the big things though, so yes she gets credit.
this is great! i bet it makes it feel a little more worthwhile to go to class if you get to see this desk there. i'd definitely be more excited about it if more desks looked like this. i think your favorite section might be my favorite too... i like a lot of these lyrics. the whole thing is just a grand idea in general, if you ask me. group art can save the world!
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